Reader Bonuses

Alien Attraction

​​Want to know why Oren and Amelia were being so weird at Zac and Laila's wedding? Desperate to know what they got up to on that trip to Irith's Moons?

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Alien Attraction

Alien Attraction: A Taurean Warriors Prequel

Set before Alien Desire, this novella is an action-packed adventure featuring Taurean Warrior Oren Ka'Ress and human doctor Amelia O'Malley.

Bonus epilogue - Alien Desire

At the Wedding

This extended epilogue is set during the wedding of Zac and Laila. It explains why Oren and Amelia were acting so stand-offish to each other. This epilogue is best read AFTER Alien Attraction and Alien Desire.

Bonus epilogue - Alien Seduction

On the Way to Irith's Moons

This extended epilogue uncovers what Oren and Amelia were doing on the way to Irith's Moons during Alien Seduction. This extended epilogue is best read after Alien Attraction, Alien Desire and Alien Seduction. It is also SPICY!