Taurean Warriors Series

The Taurean Warriors series is set in the not too distant future. Humans have developed a way to colonize Mars in an attempt to escape a dying Earth.

The only problem? An evil alien race, the Xakul, wants Earth's solar system for itself and the humans are ill-equipped to deal with the threat.

Their only hope is the Taureans; a race of alien warriors, seven feet tall and bronzed, who have fought off the Xakul through a decades-long war.

The series follows a group of these warriors and the humans who join forces to beat the Xakul threat.

There will be four stories in the series: a prequel and three novels. Book two will be released in the first half of 2022 and book three in the middle of 2022.

But there will be more Taureans! There is a new series in the same universe just bursting to be told.

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Freeing Her Alien Warrior

A Taurean Warriors Prequel

FHAW small_edited.jpg

Fighting For Her Warrior

Book One

FFHW reveal.jpg

Taming Her Alien Warrior

Book Two